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Coronavirus – Serious Pandemic Or Something Else? Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article we established that Covid-19 (CV-19) is an insignificant threat compared to the huge damage caused by the reaction to it and that an unhealthy alliance of big pharma, the World Health Organisation and national governments, facilitated and/or directed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, are driving a false narrative.  The question is, why?  What do they seek to achieve?  What is the ultimate goal?  For Christians, the burning question is whether CV-19 is mentioned in the Bible and does it portend the end of our age and the second coming of Christ. Read More

Coronavirus – Serious Pandemic Or Something Else? Part 2

In Part 1 of this article we demonstrated that Covid-19 (CV-19) is nowhere near the threat we were warned of at the outset, that it hardly registers on the scale of past pandemics and that the measures taken by governments to combat it will prove many times more harmful than the disease.  Instead of recognising this, releasing the lockdown and allowing people to freely live their lives, governments are doubling down – even while they produce the evidence of their own stupidity.  Why?  Who or what is really driving policy on CV-19 – governments, the World Health Organisation or something entirely different? Read More

Coronavirus – Serious Pandemic Or Something Else? Part 1

What’s the real story behind Covid-19?  Is it really as serious as the media tell us? Read More

What Does The Bible Actually Say About Salvation?

The CrossThe whole subject of Salvation is littered with falsehoods and misunderstandings.  Asked whether they believe they are saved, the most common reply of people who believe in some form of after-life, is “Yes.”  When asked why they will say, “Because I try to live a good life; to be a good person.”  Those with more knowledge of the Bible will say, “Because I believe in Jesus Christ.”  Fewer still will add, “Because I have repented my sins”.  A very common belief amongst Christians is that Salvation, once obtained, cannot be lost. Read More

The False Salvation

God created His Kingdom and, provided they obeyed one simple instruction, gave mankind free access to it – FREEDOM.

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Mindfulness and Christianity

mindfulnessOver the last 25 years a new word has become prevalent in the field of individual health and development – Mindfulness. Based squarely in Buddhist philosophy, the principles of Mindfulness are far from new, so it might be surprising that thousands of organisations as diverse as the NHS, Google, the Methodist, Baptist and Anglican Churches and the British Army have recently introduced it as a development tool. Christians, on the other hand, who base their beliefs upon Scripture, will not be surprised to find that Mindfulness is simply another deception: a subtle mechanism to distort Christ’s message and lead people away from God.   Why are Mindfulness and Christianity incompatible? Read More

Sex, Marriage, Sex, God, Sex and Love

Sex In The Bible

Newcomers to the Bible often comment upon its apparent obsession with sex. Ask the average non-believer what sin is to a Christian and more often than not the answer will have something to do with sex.

There is no question that inferences to sexual behaviour are present from Genesis to Revelation. Some believers even go so far as to attribute a sexual act to the symbolism of the consumption of the forbidden fruit by Eve and there is some evidence (not least in the absence of Cain from the Genesis 5 Book of Adam’s generations) to support that theory. Read More

The Jews and End-Times Prophecy


Churches concentrate on love – God’s love, the love that Christ showed to us by His sacrifice, and the love that we must invoke in our relationships with others. They say that Christ’s love is exemplified in a message of peace and tolerance.  This message underlies the wholly inadequate and dangerous, Alpha Course which has attracted huge criticism from genuine Christians on the web (for example here [no endorsement]) and yet enjoys the support of dozens of denominations – a fact that prompted one Christian to comment, “beloved, discern the times!”  

Love is, of course, the entire basis upon which Christianity rests, but what is it and how should we apply it?  Without the many balancing and defining directives and tests which the Bible sets out (for example, “if you love me you will keep my commandments”) the entire message risks distortion.  The Bible needs to be studied to determine the right application of love. Read More

Are YOU Ready For Abject Poverty?

debtWe have all seen those poor self-deluded souls who leave their post unopened for months because they know it contains demands for money that they don’t have.
We try to be sympathetic, but really, didn’t they do it to themselves?  We think: if they can’t afford to pay for the TV, then they shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.  We say that it is utter stupidity to ignore the debts piling up; that just makes matters worse!

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What Is The Bible Actually About?

what is the bible actually about? People reasonably ask the question: what is the Bible actually about?  I suspect that many people, including me earlier in life, tried to read it but got bogged down in seemingly irrelevant stories of snakes and trees, incomprehensible laws and a lot of blood and gore. 
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