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Sex, Marriage, Sex, God, Sex and Love

Sex In The Bible Newcomers to the Bible often comment upon its apparent obsession with sex. Ask the average non-believer what sin is to a Christian and more often than not the answer will have something to do… Read More

The Jews and End-Times Prophecy

Ecumenism Churches concentrate on love – God’s love, the love that Christ showed to us by His sacrifice, and the love that we must invoke in our relationships with others. They say that Christ’s love is exemplified in… Read More

Are YOU Ready For Abject Poverty?

We have all seen those poor self-deluded souls who leave their post unopened for months because they know it contains demands for money that they don’t have. We try to be sympathetic, but really, didn’t they do it… Read More

What Is The Bible Actually About?

People reasonably ask the question: what is the Bible actually about?  I suspect that many people, including me earlier in life, tried to read it but got bogged down in seemingly irrelevant stories of snakes and trees, incomprehensible… Read More

First Infowars, then Jesus

Alex Jones, the infamous proprietor of “conspiracy theory” radio and television outlet, Infowars, has been de-platformed.  Infowars and its right-wing commentator known for his outlandish rants about the global elite and “gay frogs” can no longer be found on YouTube,… Read More

Who is God? One, Two or Three?

The Trinity That Defies Explanation What could be more important than knowing God?   What could be more serious than knowing the wrong God?  Are you prepared to lay aside everything you think you know about God and seek… Read More

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

It’s Already Happened This is not another article offering a date when the world will end, since already it’s the end of the world as we know it – or rather knew it.  Recent changes in everything from climate to… Read More

Ecumenism – What’s Wrong With Church Unity?

What is ecumenism? Ecumenism The principle or aim of promoting unity among the world’s Christian Churches. Oxford English Dictionary Sounds good, but what sounds good is not always actually good. What does Paul say?

If I Were The Devil

If I were the devil – if I were the Prince of Darkness, I’d want to engulf the whole world in darkness.  So I’d set about, in whatever way necessary, to take over the World.

The Pope, Homosexuality And False Teaching

The Pope, homosexuality and a tragic U-turn. In a widely reported story today, Chilean abuse victim, Juan Carlos Cruz revealed to El Pais that Pope Francis had told him during a meeting this month: “The fact that you are… Read More

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