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An Idea For A Christian Christmas

Jesus came to announce the good news that through His death we may have life in the Kingdom of God.

Love – Christianity’s Elephant in the Room.

What is Love? What is Christian love?  Have we studied it carefully or do we just assume we understand it?  Is Christian love different from worldly love?  Do we recognise the true implications of love?  I believe the… Read More

The Covid Deception Aimed At Disarming YOU

Doctors Revolt! Every day on the UK’s phone-in stations you can hear “ordinary” people arguing for more protection, more restrictions, more lockdowns.  Even if one life is saved, they say, it is worth the pain.  Lives, they assert,… Read More

Covid-19 Summary and Warning

What You Haven’t Been Told About Covid-19 It’s much WORSE than people believe – but not for the reason you might suppose. Even without accounting for the fact that the official figures grossly overstate every aspect of the… Read More

Coronavirus – Serious Pandemic Or Something Else? Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article we established that Covid-19 (CV-19) is an insignificant threat compared to the huge damage caused by the reaction to it and that an unhealthy alliance of big pharma, the… Read More

Coronavirus – Serious Pandemic Or Something Else? Part 2

In Part 1 of this article we demonstrated that Covid-19 (CV-19) is nowhere near the threat we were warned of at the outset, that it hardly registers on the scale of past pandemics and that the measures taken… Read More

Coronavirus – Serious Pandemic Or Something Else? Part 1

What’s the real story behind Covid-19?  Is it really as serious as the media tell us?

What Does The Bible Actually Say About Salvation?

The whole subject of Salvation is littered with falsehoods and misunderstandings.  Asked whether they believe they are saved, the most common reply of people who believe in some form of after-life, is “Yes.”  When asked why they will… Read More

The False Salvation

God created His Kingdom and, provided they obeyed one simple instruction, gave mankind free access to it – FREEDOM.

Mindfulness and Christianity

Over the last 25 years a new word has become prevalent in the field of individual health and development – Mindfulness. Based squarely in Buddhist philosophy, the principles of Mindfulness are far from new, so it might be… Read More

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