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What Does The Bible Actually Say About Salvation?

The CrossThe whole subject of Salvation is littered with falsehoods and misunderstandings.  Asked whether they believe they are saved, the most common reply of people who believe in some form of after-life, is “Yes.”  When asked why they will say, “Because I try to live a good life; to be a good person.”  Those with more knowledge of the Bible will say, “Because I believe in Jesus Christ.”  Fewer still will add, “Because I have repented my sins”.  A very common belief amongst Christians is that Salvation, once obtained, cannot be lost.

Very few people seem to know what the Bible actually says about salvation.  The following verses are not intended to be a comprehensive list, but are hopefully sufficient to underline the point that salvation cannot be assumed.

Obtaining Salvation 
Rom 10:10faith in heart and confession of lips
Mat 7:21by doing God's will
1 John 2:17by doing God's will
Acts 26:20do works meet for repentance
John 3:3-8born again in spirit
Mark 16:16symbolised by baptism
1 Pet 3:21symbolised by baptism
Heb 6:12through faith and patience
Heb 9:28by waiting for Christ
Rev 2:7by overcoming
Rev 2:10by remaining faithful until Death
Rev 21:6by overcoming
Col 1:22by reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ
Eph 1:13sealed by the Holy Spirit
Mat 24:13staying in faith
2 Tim 2:12staying in faith
Rev 3:11staying in faith
Mat 19:29putting Christ before everything else
Col 3:23working at it with all your heart
1 Th 5:8living in faith and love
Phil 2:12 by working it out with fear and much trembling
Mat 18:3CHANGE and become children
Acts 14:22by withstanding hardship
Rom 8:13by accepting the lead of the Holy Spirit
Isa 66:2by becoming poor and of a contrite spirit, with fear of God
John 14:23If you love my you will keep my commandments
Losing Salvation 
Luke 17:33by holding this life as more important than the next
Rev 22:19by adding or subtracting from the word
Mat 5:13saltiness lost
Mat 11:6blessed for not falling away
Mat 24:12-13love of MOST for God grows cold
Luke 8:13fall away when tested
John 6:66-67disciples turned back and no longer followed him
John 15:6recidivists will be thrown in the fire
John 16:1said so that you won't be offended
Mat 10:22must stand firm until the end
Heb 10:39by shrinking back and being destroyed
Heb 12:16Esau sold his inheritance and couldn't recover it
Rom 11:19-22by behaving like Jews
1 John 3:6by sinning
Rom 8:12 by failing to pay our debt by living "after the flesh"
Mat 25:24-27by squandering God's free gift of grace (Rom 3:24)
Eze 18:24righteousness will be forgotten
Mat 5:22 by calling a brother"fool".
1 John 3:15for hating your brother
Mat 5:29for continuing to sin (remove your eye if it's the cause)
Mat 7:19for failing to provide good fruit
Mat 10:28Christ tells the disciples to fear the destructive power of God.
Mat 10:33by denying Christ (not possible for an unbeliever)
Mat 10:39putting the flesh before the spirit
Mat 10:42offering sustenance to others PREVENTS loss of salvation
Mat 25:41being a goat and failing to offer sustenance
Mat 18:3causing little ones to sin
Mat 18:33-35not forgiving as you were forgiven
Mat 25:29having little
Luke 12:45by backsliding
Mat 21:43by failing to produce fruit
John 15:26by failing to produce fruit
Rom 11:22by falling away
1 Cor 9:27***** Paul fears the loss of his salvation *****
Salvation is of the Future 
Col 3:24 future inheritance, not possession
1 Pet 1:3-9 future inheritance, not possession
Rom 8:24-25 future inheritance
Heb 9:28 future inheritance
Acts 20:32future inheritance
Heb 1:14 angels serve those who will inherit salvation
Rom 8:25 we hope because don't yet possess it
Rom 13:11 we must wake up because our salvation is nearer
Phil 3:13Paul is not confident that he has it!
1 Pet 1:3-5a hope reserved in heaven until the end


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